The Malawi Congress Party National Executive Committee (NEC) wishes to acknowledge the support and cooperation it received from different stakeholders in the development of its Manifesto 2019-2024. MCP is grateful to all stakeholders, including MCP membership, the farmers, civil society organisations, business leaders, people with albinism, and development cooperating partners towards the development of this blue print. The expert opinion of those consulted on specific topical issues was pivotal in ensuring that the Manifesto is inclusive, comprehensive and technically sound. All parties consulted were quite generous with their time and provided useful insights that made the delivery of this document possible. Finally, MCP acknowledges the clear leadership and guidance provided by its Directorate of Economic Affairs on the strategic direction to be undertaken by MCP in running the affairs of government as spelled out in this Manifesto.

Please click here to download a copy

Zodiak Live:MCP Manifesto Launch| 09 -03-2019

Zodiak Live:MCP Manifesto Launch| 09 -03-2019

Posted by Zodiak Online on Saturday, March 9, 2019


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