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Hon. Sidik Mia, host MCP Candidates

The First Vice President of Malawi Congress Party, who is also the party’s running mate in the May 21 elections, Hon. Sidik Mia, hosted MCP candidates from Eastern and Southern Region. The meeting, which took place at his residence in Blantyre, was



Fellow Malawians, I have come here at the request of Karonga and Chitipa, where our schools lack books. I have come here compelled by Mzimba and Rumphi, where our hospitals lack medicine. I have come here sent by Likoma Islanders, where our marine trade l


On governance, Mutharika has been a disaster

Fellow Malawians, The world’s oldest and third largest news agency, Agence France-Presse, called on me today to ask about my agenda for the office of the President. I spoke on your behalf about how ripe and ready Malawi is for the transformation tha